Trade Finance

Trade finance can fund a supply chain for a SME or any business when a traditional bank cannot. A trade financier can take true risk through purchasing goods on the back of a purchase order without using the client’s balance sheet as security.

Trade finance is often used for bringing finished goods into Europe that ultimately is sold to consumers and businesses alike.  This can include the finance of inventory as well as finished goods.

Trade finance also works just as well for goods being exported out of the UK where traditionally UK businesses have been good at winning overseas contracts. Such contracts are well suited to trade finance as the customer is, in many cases, an entity utilising bank guaranteed instruments such as letters of credit.

ABFL has access to several specialist trade financiers that can cover virtually any size of deal in virtually every jurisdiction around the world, not just UK and EU, who are able to structure and fund complex trade finance deals.   

Goods include:

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), Electronic goods, Agricultural goods, Chemicals and minerals Steel products, Automotive spare parts, Office equipment and supplies, White Goods, Building Materials.

Commodity trade finance can also be handled including:  

Foodstuffs- frozen and fresh, Spices and grains etc. Coal, Metals, Timber and Ores