Strategic and Business Consultancy


We help public service and socially focused organisations (both public and private) to find solutions that are efficient and sustainable but also maintain a social focus.
We work directly with (or in partnership with organisations advising) local authorities, NHS organisations and other public bodies to help them achieve more from their services, including advising on efficiencies, increasing levels of traded income and assessing alternative delivery models.
This includes working with front-line public sector teams who are considering moving to a mutual or social enterprise model, where ABFL provides support through the entire journey from business planning to transition and launch.

We have considerable knowledge and professional experience. We’ve worked with a wide range of local authorities, probation trusts and also established organisations, providing strategic and organisational development support and advice. We also work with partner organisations to provide an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies and challenges of public service procurement and commissioning.

Our principle area of support is to front line teams around the development of a robust business plan. This includes deciding on your vision and mission, agreeing the governance (Board etc.) you want to put in place, assessing the market, deciding what services you want to offer, developing a communications plan so all the right people know about you and building a financial model to ensure your new organisation will be financially sustainable. This will involve ABFL working with experienced partners with legal, governance and finance knowledge as required to suit each client’s particular needs and requirements. This will cover some of the more technical aspects of setting up such as company registration, bank account set up and putting in place the right infrastructure etc.

We also provide strategic assessment work for public bodies surrounding technical, commercial and feasibility studies for organisations evaluating new commercial or service initiatives.