Financial Services

Hire & Lease Purchase

This is a simple repayment facility, providing a hirer with outright ownership of the financed assets at the end of the agreement period

Leasing and Operating Leasing

Where ownership is not required, finance leasing works well for a broad spread of business assets including machinery and vehicles.

Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Lending (ABL) can support you to grow your business by unlocking cash tied up in your assets. You can increase your working capital by raising funds using your existing assets as security.

Trade Finance

Trade finance can fund a supply chain for a SME or any business when a traditional bank cannot.

Factoring and Invoice Discounting

Factoring allows you to raise finance based on the value of your outstanding invoices. Growing businesses, in particular, often find that factoring is a more flexible source of working capital than overdrafts or loans. Invoice discounting helps you to keep control and confidentiality over your own sales ledger operations.

Bridging Finance

ABFL has access to a number of funders that can provide bridging loans and development finance secured on property.